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Dumpling is a lot of people special the cate that love, if wrapping, wanting his to start work nevertheless also have a few troubles. Fortunately the existence of quick-freeze dumpling, let a lot of people save1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Went the trouble of this respect, buy some of quick-freeze boiled dumpling in the supermarket, simple in the home boil can enjoy. Say boils dumpling, microwave oven also can fast boil. So, what is the specific means of boiled dumpling of the microwave oven quick-freeze that boil? We look below.

Microwave oven boils quick-freeze boiled dumpling

How does microwave oven boil quick-freeze dumplingA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Microwave oven can boil quick-freeze boiled dumpling only, freezer can do quick-freeze boiled dumpling.

Install half full water with microwave container first, the boil in be being put into microwave oven (about Gao Huo 4 minutes) , put into right amount quick-freeze boiled dumpling, in Gao Huo 3 minutes, again medium baking temperature 2 minutes, fish out boiled dumpling, assist with mashed garlic sweet vinegar, eat.

The aspic dumpling that flavour won’t have water to boil is delicious, microwave oven is small the dumpling that come out is comparedForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Drier, did not boil like water those who come out is sapid, fresh and tender mouthfeel is good, feeling and the dumpling that just wrapped are same, suggest water is boiled, cannot lazy. Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Microwave oven boils quick-freeze boiled dumpling

Microwave oven heats up alimental note

1, the messtin that should choose to suit microwave oven to heat, such messtin can make clear the model of written characters with “ applicable microwave oven.

(1) plastic messtin is addedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Heat releases harmful composition easily, endanger human body health, and can bring about messtin to be out of shape.

(2) metalware is a metal it is conductor, can heat oneself and heat hard meal, 2 because the metal produces electric spark to reflex electromagnetic wave when heat,be, can injure microwave oven.

2, do not heat overtime. If hot food is placed did not take out in 2 hours of above in microwave oven, had better not again edible, prevent to cause toxic.

3, top should be built when heating, prevent moisture to evaporate, withhold mouthfeel as far as possible.

Microwave oven boils quick-freeze boiled dumpling

4, do not use close container, lid cap also should remember leaving the hole that aerate, cannot come loose otherwise hot, can make force of container internal pressure exorbitant, vapour can be cap inside microwave oven the top flies. Manage together, if take the egg of housing to wait,be the; that cannot heat up and heat when the potato, banger food that brings a skin, must plunge into a few alveolus with fork or knife first.

5, use last when film, heating its had better not let direct contact food; in the process before taking out food, but will last velar thorn is broken, in order to avoid it sticky go up to food.

6, in soup kind when heating, want every other one minute to take out soup mix, make be heated even, also avoid soup juice to splatter.

7, before standing not for long in microwave oven, after open microwave oven, the person ought to be far from microwave oven or distance microwave oven is in 1 meter at least besides.

8, microwave oven needs to place in dry and ventilated place, furnace back, coping and two sideNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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All answer put apart the space of 10 centimeters of above, in order to maintain favorable ventilated environment, should notice microwave oven to go up at the same time medicinal powder hot window grating is not enclothed by article.

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