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The friend of kidney empty is actually in the life still is very much, nevertheless a lot of it is lightShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Of small state, so friends were not added more pay attention to. The case of kidney empty appears, also be adverse to the health of the body actually. The way that wants to use food undertakes filling kidney, means still has a lot of, for instance dangshen of soup of reins of pig of pilose antler medlar, the bark of eucommia breeds columbine soup is waited a moment.

Feed filling kidney empty what to way there is?

Soup of reins of pig of pilose antler medlar

Material: Pilose antler 10 grams, medlar 25 grams, pig waist two (go inside film, mincing) .

Practice: Put pig small of the back into boiler, add ginger small fry to ripe, put with pilose antler, medlar water is lain between to stew inside boiler ripe, flavor to be become namely () of half spoon liquor can be added when taking food. Every week eats to arrive twice, can fill kidney.

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Effect: Filling kidney is in relief, comfortable at the dizziness that causes because of kidney in relief deficit, tinnitus, tiredShanghai night net

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Faint, be afraid of cold etc.

Feed filling kidney empty what to way there is?

Columbine boiling water of milk of dangshen of the bark of eucommia

Material: Breast is Qi of columbine, the bark of eucommia, north, dangshen, old ginger, salt.

Practice: Breed columbine butcher is cleared away clean, boiling water scald passes. Qi of the bark of eucommia, north, dangshen is abluent1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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; Laojiang washs clean section to reserve. milk Qi of columbine, the bark of eucommia, north, dangshen, Laojiang is put into boiled water boiler, fire of the make down after conflagration boil boils about 3 hours, add salt to flavor can.

Effect: This soup filling kidney, able-bodied bones and muscles. The men and women eats to be able to have the effect to filling kidney.

Feed filling kidney empty what to way there is?

Chinese chestnut carbonado

Material: Drumstick, Chinese chestnut, green, ginger, salt, cooking wine, soy, white sugar.

Practice: The Chinese chestnut of hull boils drop of 4 minutes of or so fish out to do water to reserve into boiler. Oil is put in boiler, oily quantity is OK a bit much dot, put Chinese chestnut to fry the surface to changeForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The fish out after color reserves. More than oil burns heat again, put green Jiang Pian to explode sweet, enter gallinaceous piece to break up fry. Gallinaceous piece surface1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Small after fizzling out, transfer into cooking wine, soy, salt, a few white sugar joins Chinese chestnut. Enter boiled water, small fire turns to build upper cover after big baked wheaten cake leaves, boil 20 minutes or so. Again conflagration controls dry water share, scatter green paragraph can.

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