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color can let a person feel special to have appetite. Cherry not only can treat as the fruit eats, return the effect with rich hairdressing among them, can satisfy a variety of nutrition requirement of human body. Among them carotene, microelement content is very high also, can achieve enrich the blood the action of filling gas, it is very pretty good to human body so.

Is cherry fruit not bright is the United States returned can hairdressing?

1, hairdressing is stationed in colour

The nutrition of cherry is very comprehensive, it contains a lot ofa variety of protein, carotene, vitamins to wait to raise Yan Youji to hairdressing extremely the material of action, can help furrow of female friend purify, let color look ruddy luster. Iron still is contained a lot ofin cherry especially, can help female friend enrich the blood, let female friend maintain healthy posture.

Is cherry fruit not bright is the United States returned can hairdressing?

2, fight anaemia, stimulative sanguification

The quantity containing iron in cherry ranks first of a variety of fruits. The action of iron is very big in human body, its action at blood red cell, generate new blood, also having main effect to the metabolization inside body. So often the cherry with right amount edibleNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Peach can complement the iron content inside body, of stimulative haemoglobin generate, rise to fight the anaemic, action that enhances a constitution.

Is cherry fruit not bright is the United States returned can hairdressing?

3, acetanilide

Cherry is acetanilide be in folk is wide for what circulate, if produced scald and frostbite, somebody is met cherry juice daub at affected part, have apparent effect sorely to alleviating. Cyanine element is contained a lot ofin cherry, so cherry also is had fight oxidation, have combat phlogistic effect.

Have the disadvantage of cherry:

4, cherry attribute is lukewarm, it is the food of big heat. Heat up to body so, and having the person with the venereal heat such as asthma is unfavorable eat cherry more. Especially children, because great majority is hot constitution, should eat cherry less as far as possible soFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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