” demon Bao Kemeng ” close time to shorten supervise: Do not want to take up everybody time

” demon Bao Kemeng ” the player of series discovers the newest work this year ” demon Bao Kemeng: Let’s Go ” in, the time that records expenditure of celebrity hall place finally wants a few shorter, game is supervised added Tian Shunyi to explain this problem recently. ” demon Bao Kemeng: Let’s Go ” whether to belong to series core work to still put dispute (Ren Tiantang considers as core of course) , and than the tradition in the photograph in this work game experiences those who joined more to go to the lavatory quite to optimize a design, this also makes the final technological process of game becomes shorter, game is supervised added Tian Shunyi to also approbate this on one hand. Add Tian Shunyi to express, ” demon Bao Kemeng: Let’s Go ” such design catered to a player to be in the game means of smartphone and gregarious media times: “If you consider one servents to be in the word of current period lifestyle爱上海龙凤419桑拿

, should say everybody is quite busy actually everyday. Before the time that we spend on game follows 20 years already disparate. In smartphone times, 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

new information can be pushed ceaselessly上海夜网

send people, everybody always wants naturally to play a few other game. Say so, probably the adventure in some money game wants to occupy a player all free time are not actual. We promoted a player in game on foot speed, the time that allows game to achieve celebrity hall is compared before shorter. To wanting the player that continues to experience, also can continue to foster Pikaqiu and Yi Bu in game, change to be dressed up differently, deepen fetter with demon. After entering celebrity hall, the decisive battle that trains a Great Master with demon is absorbing also, still can win special title. ” this affirmation is a theory that has controversy extremely, and be Bao Kemeng’s player won’t be used to core for certain, sound the interest that should turn game into snack to change a bit. This game more resembling爱上海同城

is according to ” demon Bao Kemeng Go ” logic will make, those who aim at is free time o上海龙凤论坛sh1f

f the player, and rather than holds the player’s time thoroughly. With this for theory, it is to let a player be in commute relatively complete game fun also can be obtained in the fractional time in the subway. Meanwhile, if the player wants more familiar game to experience really, the likelihood is about when 2019 of Switch platform ” demon Bao Kemeng ” lineal add was ma阿拉爱上海同城

de. ” demon Bao Kemeng: Let’s Go ” already molopolized now land Switch platform.

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