Simulator of PS4 of successful to load of the drive initialization VFS that finish is newest progress

This year March when, PS4 simulator Orbital has been exploded to go out begin to develop, but recently, the developer Alexandro Sanchez of this simulator released a paragraph of video to share his newest development process again. Orbital develops video:
Alexandro says, the driver of all now PS4 already initialization is finished, VFS also can successful to load, first user voice uses a program / Mini-syscore.elf is decoded already successfully, and can be in / SceSysAvControl.elf is started before long after task of successful processing system. In the meantime, mini-syscore still detected the problem of mechanical hard disk, started / Safemode.elf, these are the common problems in be being started first. Systematic success enters safe mode later, but be in however apply colours to a drawing appeared when safe mode menu problem. At present Orbital still is in initial stage to develop level, still cannot be competent any game, so you do not want a hope to be able to play very quickly on PC ” Ares 4 ” and ” free power spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” . Nevertheless, the development process that can see simulator of the first PS4 or very of cruel. In addition, a little sham PS4 simulator claims oneself move faultlessly ” Ares 4 ” , but everybody knows that is impossible.

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