Microsoft old man again assist ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” : It is a very good game really

Although small kind alls alone the Buddhist nun is on mainframe market,can saying is the deadly enemy that extreme misery nots allow, but high level of this not cloggy Microsoft people the exclusive game that is Suo Ni acclaims. Soon PS4 is exclusive ” mysterious maritime space 4: Bandits dead end ” shortly of put on sale, phil Spencer of old man of Microsoft Xbox branch is in highly praise of not long ago this work, congratulated Suo Ni and game development business cordially mischievous dog.

Congratulation mischievous dog and auspicious Tian Xiuping roll out again wonderful ” mysterious maritime space ” series game, ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” it is a very good work really, phil Spencer comparatives pushing magnanimousingly go up especially write. One should return as good as one receives, ji Tianxiu of president of the SCE below the banner makes the same score all alone Buddhist nun to also be in before long hind made a response: Thank Phil, our E3 good-bye.

Say, this also is not expression of Phil Spencer first time he is right ” mysterious maritime space ” of series praised. Last year Microsoft rolls out Xbox One exclusive in a limited time ” barrow beautiful shadow: Rise abruptly ” when Spencer puts a word to say to hope this game can become Microsoft ” mystery maritime space ” , and mention in close the beginning of the year 2016 most old man of this Microsoft when expecting game is to be without more scruple ground speak bluntly ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” affirmative meeting is a good game. Look, even if intense commerce competes, good game still won’t be affected to the attraction of true player.

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