Foreign analyst does not value NX to say to get tripartite manufacturer supports very hard

 Ren Tiantang announces NX lead plane will appear on the market in March 2017 recently, affirm won’t sustain losses in business sale and head hair game battle array is very formidable. But the support that a when decide NX leader does not take Wii U old road main factor is manufacturer of tripartite game. Whether can NX lead plane get the support of a large number of tripartite at present, not affirmatory still now. However foreign analyst Pachter does not value this however.

Pachter does not value game strategy of Ren Tiantang all along, nevertheless he feels this Japan company won’t go broke, because the ready money of 10 billion dollar is had in their hand, the failure of NX also can let their compensate drop 500 million U.S. dollor only. To Ren Tiantang present lead plane Wii U, he gave out the view that he fails to Wii U and explanation.

He says: Lead plane is challenged, because the for generations in the past is medium their performance is too weak, they want to try to mix model equipment, for instance GamePad, handle of game of and rather than. Like this truly without the person, because this Wii U failed. Ren Tiantang lets them lose tripartite to support in the failure on hardware, because of tripartite not dare stick one’s chin out has 1000 much Wii U to develop game only for installation amount, it at any time possible stop production.

As to NX, I think tripartite manufacturer, besides Japan, you can see more and other company rarely, unless NX really can fire rises. I am main to the criticism of this company or because of them will in former days hardware the first for nothing submissively lets others, fall quickly from the first last (lead plane respect) .

Current and exclusive a tripartite company that has thought NX lead plane develops game truly is Japanese company really (glorious) , besides accident of Japanese native land manufacturer, we had not seen really Euramerican wait for the west to develop business. Outside intermediary conjecture EA, move inspect, the possibility that the manufacturer of a gleam of such as Yo green jade supports is very small also.

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