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Onion is in at ordinary times having a way is rife, can cold and dressed with sause is worn eat, still can fry eat, have a way differently, the effect of onion and action also are different, in daily life, very much food is eating is special cultured on the law, suit to eat in the morning like some dish, some food do not suit to eat in the late evening, night is rest time, if food is undeserved, it is can right healthy adverse.

Eat onion in the evening?

Eat onion in the evening?

Can eat onion in the evening, but do not suit to eat too much, eat too much be meeting influence Morpheus.

Will tell commonly, food is undeserved make taste is on bad terms easily, appear then the Morpheus problem such as insomnia, much dream, affect normal Morpheus. A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Onion taste is bitter, belong to excitant stronger food, below normal circumstance, proper edible is won’t abdominal distension, but onion produces gas easily inside gastric bowel path, if eat overmuch, with respect to easy and abdominal distension feeling, cause taste to be on bad terms, cloggy Morpheus, the circumstance of occurrence insomnia of possible meeting.

Eat onion in the evening?

Does onion eat much how to meet?


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The composition content such as the sulfide in green, carbon dioxide is rich, when undertaking digestive reaching absorption inside body, have gas of ministry branch translate into, many edible onion, have may appear very greatly the circumstance with very smelly fart.


After eating onion, if appeared fart, and contain onion ingredient when, so this kind of circumstance is alvine path bacterium likely group maladjusted the indigestion that cause, produce gas overmuch.

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Damp and hot of intestines and stomach

To patient of damp and hot of intestines and stomach, eatLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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After food, itself appears easily the case that puts smelly fart, add onion to certain yield enrages action, accordingly, ate onion to be able to appear the appearance that puts smelly fart.

Eat onion in the evening?

What to eat onion to want to notice?

1, unfavorable feed more. Onion sex is lukewarm, feed more make the body easily calorific, the unwell symptom such as hyperaemia of agnail of suffer from excessive internal heat, eye.

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2, sprout onion is unfavorable edible. Value of sprout onion nutrition is inferior, and edible mouthfeel also is not very good, it doesn’t matter feeds intention justice.

3, pyretic patient, hot and dry constitution person, skin Sao itchs the patient shoulds not be edible. Onion sex is lukewarm, the steam inside body of edible onion easy accentuation, aggravating cutaneous Sao urticant feeling, those who cause the body is unwell.

4, the person that ministry of eye disease patient, eye congests is unfavorable edible. Onion is vegetable of a kind of lukewarm sex, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Onion of edible of eye disease patient, easy cause eye ministry unwell. Additional, the eyeball of sweet piquancy cross-eye in onion has stimulative effect, because this kind of crowd is unfavorable also,cut onion.

5, the person that stomach trouble reachs lobar stomach agnail is fed less. Onion sex is lukewarm, conduce heats up the effect of inflammation, ministry of can aggravating stomach is unwell.

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